Rose Peak from Sunol


I wasn’t super jazed about this hike based on my prior understanding of featureless hills covered in straw grasses, but I was pleasently mistaken. There was an awesome river, more trees than expected, lots of pointy land formations, and loads of cool bugs and flowers. We ran across an almost certainly deadly viper of some sort but thankfully Zack was leading the pack and had cat-like reflexes in brandishing his terrible blade (upside down), immeadiately scaring the hellish creature back to the pit from whence it came. There was also a forest of poison oak we had to trudge through that coated our skin in gallons of allergenic oils. Fortunately the hiking gods showed us pitty and squelched the painful elixer. Unfortunately, we were not able to drink some beers under a tree or jump into the rivers and any claims to the contrary by a fellow in a blue shirt with two kids should not be believed.