Mt. Whitney


A great white fish,
that is the obsession of our capitain Ahab.
And we are equals in his pursuit.
She may have taken his leg, but she took our nerve.

The warm blooded terror knows we chase her,
so she has moved to arctic waters.
She taunts us, “Come to me if you wish,
but know that our meeting will not be pleasant.”

We prattle on our journey to,
passing other monsters along the way,
Until we circumnavigate a great shelf and the leviathan is revealed.
Silence befalls the crew.
She has grown thick armor from tail to teeth,
that dares us to get closer.

She hunts at night,
so must we.
On the eve of departure,
our captain rallies,
Lose calm in this moment
and do not rest easy.
Prepare your psalm of atonement,
for the whale is Mount Whitney.